PowerToolsFX is a casual art/craft simulation game, featuring a virtual collection of power tools and workshop,

within which to create art on a variety of surfaces, or imported photos, using each tools unique features.

(interface layered in 2D, with touch controls activating different viewpoints of the 3d models, audio effects of motor sounds were loops and stop/starts with varying amplification pitch for speed, there were some other psuedo random sounds applied to some of the tools for when tool not connected to surface or hit obstacles etc.)

UI features:

  • workshop tool storage and workbench area (3d renders separated into 2d overlays)
  • main menu and selection
  • each tool rendered from multiple angles for use as 2d sprite(s)
  • particle effects for sawdust, sparks and off cut material

(Onteca Apple Store Page)

HDRP Textures & Materials

Scratched, Weathered Wood HDRP Material

diffuse/albeido, displacement, normal (and all other secondary maps in single image as separate channels, R metallic G occlusion B detail mask A smoothness)


(this image was in fact created from cut and overlayed bits of “off-cuts” of print-transparencies, bits around the edges for the alignment process that would have ended up in the shredder where I had my first design and layout job.
1996 – still lot of analog processes, the colour added by repeated photocopying on alternate colour channels)