Marble Vol 1 Previews

Marble Variations Vol 1 Texture Previews (pack available on Unity Asset Store:

Image Resolution

PLEASE NOTE: Due to upload size restrictions(and also to reduce page loading times) images are displayed at lower bit depth, and much smaller than actual dimensions (in most cases 25 to 30 percent). For preview purposes only. Most previews are around 1K, square: max 1024pixels 4:3 no bigger than 960×720 (reduced bit, adaptive)wides: standard HD… Continue reading Image Resolution


PowerToolsFX is a casual art/craft simulation game, featuring a virtual collection of power tools and workshop, within which to create art on a variety of surfaces, or imported photos, using each tools unique features. (interface layered in 2D, with touch controls activating different viewpoints of the 3d models, audio effects of motor sounds were loops… Continue reading PowerToolsFX

HDRP Textures & Materials

diffuse/albeido, displacement, normal (and all other secondary maps in single image as separate channels, R metallic G occlusion B detail mask A smoothness)