Category Textures & Materials

Concrete-Connoisseur’s Collection

multi-volumes, basic, weathered, cracked, plaster, warm ochre colouring, damp, rust and algae stained, various details of decay, crumbling corners, floors, tiles

Retro Sci-Fi Panels:

stylised pixel_ installation, base, outpost, factory mechanical, industrial, electrical, controls construction, structural layers, backdrops, sprites interfaces, buttons, screens, electric, lab, technology paneling bright-lab dark-tech ancient/antiquetech machines


alien symbols, glyphs, buried/decayed ancient-technologies, items Glyphs & Symbols panels, interfaces, technical and mechanical Oddities

Stylised Pixel Panels

16<->256 UI, interface, panels, buttons, tiles, floorplan 64pixel #greeble, #construct, #dungeon, #ancient,

Cracked Paving Materials

Cracked, heat damaged and over-parked concrete pavement tiles (pack available on Unity Asset Store:

Image Resolution

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HDRP Textures & Materials

diffuse/albeido, displacement, normal (and all other secondary maps in single image as separate channels, R metallic G occlusion B detail mask A smoothness)