Generative image – A I Variations – metal frame and wire constructions, scaffolds – #fog #gantries #scaffolds

Concrete-Connoisseur’s Collection

multi-volumes, basic, weathered, cracked, plaster, warm ochre colouring, damp, rust and algae stained, various details of decay, crumbling corners, floors, tiles

Retro Sci-Fi Panels:

stylised pixel_ installation, base, outpost, factory mechanical, industrial, electrical, controls construction, structural layers, backdrops, sprites interfaces, buttons, screens, electric, lab, technology paneling bright-lab dark-tech ancient/antiquetech machines


alien symbols, glyphs, buried/decayed ancient-technologies, items Glyphs & Symbols panels, interfaces, technical and mechanical Oddities

Stylised Pixel Panels

16<->256 UI, interface, panels, buttons, tiles, floorplan 64pixel #greeble, #construct, #dungeon, #ancient,

Cracked Paving Materials

Cracked, heat damaged and over-parked concrete pavement tiles (pack available on Unity Asset Store:

Image Resolution

PLEASE NOTE: Due to upload size restrictions (and also to reduce page loading times) images are displayed at lower bit depth, and much smaller than actual dimensions (in most cases 25 to 30 percent). For preview purposes only. Most previews…

Welsh Streets, Liverpool

Rhiwlas Street, and or possibly Powis Street, L8 Liverpool, photographed 2012 (and grabbed a nice door on the way past junction of Admiral and south street)

Runcorn West Bank

Random photo excursion with fellow photographer friend JENNOISE (2004)


PowerToolsFX is a casual art/craft simulation game, featuring a virtual collection of power tools and workshop, within which to create art on a variety of surfaces, or imported photos, using each tools unique features. (interface layered in 2D, with touch…

Air horn Model

(simple air horn model for iPod/iPad/iPhone touch soundboard App (Onteca on Apple Store)

HDRP Textures & Materials

diffuse/albeido, displacement, normal (and all other secondary maps in single image as separate channels, R metallic G occlusion B detail mask A smoothness)


(this image was created from cut and overlayed bits of “off-cuts” of print-transparencies,bits around the edges for the alignment process that would have ended up in the shredder/bin where I had my first design and layout job. the word “artwork”…